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PCB Layout Design and Quality PCB Layout Pre Fabrication Consultation / PCB fabrication knowledge / Engineering Process Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards and Flex Circuits · Digital – High Speed · Flex & Flex Rigid · Analog & Power - High voltage PCB Design · RF Microwave / Mix Analog / Digital up to 40Ghz

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Ultra High Density (Rigid / Flex / Flex Rigid) – HDI (High Density Interconnection) – Micro Via types / Buried Via / Via Filling / Buried Capacitors / Resistance / Via on PAD - Filling / PCB Cavity / Thermal Heat PCB dissipation. EMC - Design for low-noise, low-emission, and high-immunity (EN55022, EN55024, and NEBS (GR1089) requirements). Signal Integrity - reference-levels (power and ground bounce) / noise across PCB power distribution, Crosstalk, Reflections. MCM – IC’s Miniaturization Substrate / Ultra Micro Electronics PCB Design. Mother Board High Speed Backplane Design.     Readmore


  1. Cadence Allegro
  2. Very Best (Mentor Expedition)
  3. PCAD
  4. OrCAD / OrCAD PCB Layout